Parent Centre


As primary educators of their children, parents have in important role in the education of their children. In Catholic schools, we strive to work cooperatively with parents in a spirit or mutual trust and respect for the growth of all our students.

Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their children’s learning. They should keep close contact with teachers and should communicate important information or concerns regarding their children. Parents can help in the academic growth of their children by checking the students’ agendas daily and helping their child ensure that all homework and projects are completed.

Parents can also help by ensuring their children are ready for school by ensuring that they have all their supplies such as gym uniform and lunch ready for the school day. Parents can also help their children by being informed of school events, procedures, and policies. They are encouraged to actively participate in school events and fund-raising projects. Parents are also asked to keep the school updated in regards to any changes on the registration form such as phone numbers, address, and emergency contact information.