Parent Support Group (PSG)


We are St. Anthony of Padua Elementary School Parent Support Group (PSG), and our mission is to distribute and raise funds for programs that enhance SAP students’ learning experience and life skills enrichment.

The purposes of the PSG is to:

  • Distribute the Government funds received on behalf of St. Anthony of Padua School in compliance with British Columbia’s Gaming Control Act and Regulations.
  • Follow the guidelines mandated by the Gaming Control Act and Regulations.

 At PSG we want to fund legacy items for students to enjoy many years to come.  We welcome parents, teachers and PEC to email us with recommendations.

We are looking at purchasing:

  • New Computer Hardware
  • Sports Equipment
  • Piano
  • Musical Instruments
  • Help fund more field trips
  • Supplies for the After School programs that St. Anthony provides
  • More books for the library and board games for the library
  • Etc..

PSG Committee Members:

Chair:                   Nikki Cvitanovic
Secretary:            Michelle Mollineaux
Treasurer:           Joyce Ke
Member:             Catherine Kriekenbeek-Lee

To learn more about PSG please download our information presentation (link to PDF)

Contact us at: