St. Anthony’s School Staff


  • Pastor: Father Justin Huang
  • Principal: Mr. Yanko
  • Secretary: Mrs. Laguio
  • Office Assistant:  Mrs. Dixon
  • Bookkeeper:  Mrs. Abroguena/Ms. Thayakaanthan


St. Anthony of Padua Teaching Staff

  • Kindergarten: Mrs. O’Leary
  • Grade One: Mrs. Myers & Mrs. Mouro
  • Grade Two and Vice-Principal: Mr. Mayers
  • Grade Three: Ms. Martin
  • Grade Four: Ms. Robles
  • Grade Five: Mr. Chatton
  • Grade Six: Mr. McNicol
  • Grade Seven: Ms. Quinlan
  • Learning Assistance Teacher: Mrs. Kawasaki
  • Music: Miss Tovarova
  • Special Education Assistants: Mrs. Rocha, Miss Sekiya, Miss Francisco, Mrs. Puche, Ms. Jose, Miss Inocentes, Mr. Cheung, Mr. Lee.


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